OCAPH launched a program to monitor the actions of public authorities (PROMAPP) for the 2014-2015 financial year. The program’s goal was to promote dialogue between civil society and the government about priority issues identified by citizens.

More specifically, the goals were the following

  • Encourage effective participation of civil society in public actions.
  • Sensitize public authorities on the need to share information with civil society in order to promote transparency and accountability.

Intended beneficiaries included the following:

  • Public authorities: Parliament, Executive, Judiciary branches
  • Civil society organizations (thematic and identity groups), students,
  • Haitian society in general.

In terms of expected outcomes, it is anticipated that relevant actions would be conducted by public institutions that generate accessible data to be used more broadly.  It also is anticipated that there would be a more active participation of civil society in decision-making processes, including the development and monitoring of implemented policies.

Panel discussions began to be held across the country and OCAPH tapped into media outlets to reach as many citizens as possible.

During an OCAPH press conference about the program, the coordinator linked the successful development of the country with commitment of all Haitians. He also stated that good governance included helping to increase citizen knowledge relating to the affairs of State and providing opportunities for their input and feedback.