OCAPH Participates in University of Miami Event About Hurricane Matthew Impact

Karl Jean-Louis, Executive Director of OCAPH, attended a Town Hall at the University of Miami’s  Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas on April 27th to discuss the findings of a three-month study of community assets and resources available for recovery and reconstruction post Hurricane Matthew.  At the Town Hall, the University disseminated fact sheets from the report, “After Hurricane Matthew: Resources, Capacities, and Pathways to Recovery and Reconstruction for Devastated Communities in Haiti.” The fact sheets were disseminated in partnership with OCAPH. Other attendees included Isnel Pierreval, advisor to the Office of the President of Haiti.  One of OCAPH’s responsibilities was to strategize with INURED, a group of Haitian academic and applied researchers in social sciences, to ensure the final report would reach key people in Haiti who could act on it.

OCAPH also presented the results of its advocacy campaign to assure that the central government of Haiti and civil society groups work together to respond to the ongoing health crisis in the South of Haiti and the Grand’Anse.

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Rwanda visit

OCAPH’s Executive Director, Karl Jean-Louis visited Rwanda alongside Senator Carl Murat Cantave representing Haiti’s Senate Health Committee in order to learn more about Rwanda’s health reform process.