Business & Entrepreneurship Series – Episode 1

Mme Marie Fransonnette Prussien, representative of the Haitian Society of Property Management and Community (SOHGIC), Mme Lundad Marseille, representative of the Agro-Entrepreneur Network (RACE), and M. Carl- Eric Staco, representative from Haitian Broilers (HB) debated the opportunities and constraints of raising chickens and producing eggs in Haiti. Andral Joseph, representing the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF), discussed government financial support available to small and medium-sized businesses. Mme Martine Theodore from Women Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce in Haiti also took part.

The broadcast was transmitted by radio, television, and a variety of social media, thus enabling participation from all 10 Departments as well the diaspora. Citizen involvement consisted of the following: 250 SMS messages, 55 telephone calls, and 78 Tweets. An estimated 1283 persons heard or viewed the show, with 1029 participating via Facebook.

OCAPH, through this series, is monitoring the performance of the Ministries of Finance and Commerce in terms of their transparency and responsiveness.

The show was made possible thanks to AIC and APN with the technical assistance of DDG and CCFEH.

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